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1.1 Documentation Conventions

The following notices and typographical conventions are used in this documentation:

  • /etc/passwd: directory names and file names

  • PLACEHOLDER: replace PLACEHOLDER with the actual value

  • PATH: the environment variable PATH

  • ls, --help: commands, options, and parameters

  • user: users or groups

  • package name : name of a package

  • Alt, AltF1: a key to press or a key combination; keys are shown in uppercase as on a keyboard

  • File, File › Save As: menu items, buttons

  • Dancing Penguins (Chapter Penguins, ↑Another Manual): This is a reference to a chapter in another manual.

  • Commands that must be run with root privileges. Often you can also prefix these commands with the sudo command to run them as non-privileged user.

    root # command
    tux > sudo command
  • Commands that can be run by non-privileged users.

    tux > command
  • Notices

    Warning: Warning Notice

    Vital information you must be aware of before proceeding. Warns you about security issues, potential loss of data, damage to hardware, or physical hazards.

    Important: Important Notice

    Important information you should be aware of before proceeding.

    Note: Note Notice

    Additional information, for example about differences in software versions.

    Tip: Tip Notice

    Helpful information, like a guideline or a piece of practical advice.

1.2 Feedback

Several feedback channels are available:

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Mailing list

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1.3 About the Making of This Documentation

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1.4 Source Code

The source code of latex_curriculum_vitae is publicly available on ( for download links and more information.

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