Applies to latex_curriculum_vitae 2.1.1

3 Customizing

Important places

The software uses that important places:

  • $HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae: Contains a personal_data.tex where your personal information is stored. Currently it is used by the Cover and the motivational letter. Also there is a CSV in that directory what contains the records of all finished job-applications. There you can modify all what you like to do.

  • $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae: There are placed the LaTEX source files. They will be copied into the temp directory each iteration. If you want to change the LaTEX sources, you can do it on that place.

The LaTEX Tweaks

The LaTEX source directory contains that subdirectories:

  1. Appendix

    1. Bibliography (a BibTEX file with my publications)

    2. Certificates (for different honors)

    3. Employers Reference (for the references from the last employers)

    4. First_Reference (for your job-training (in german Ausbildung))

    5. Study (for study stuff)

  2. Cover (contains the Cover.tex). The Cover.tex includes:

    \input{$HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/entity.tex} The entity.tex will be generated by running the program.

    Also it includes my picture from my Pictures directory.

  3. Motivational_Letter

  4. Pictures

  5. Resume (the Curriculum Vitae itself). The resume includes the following:


Customize the code


The following section shows you code, where german strings are placed. You can change all, that it fits your needs.

Keep in mind: If you update the application, you have to do the same settings again inside the new gem directory.

Curriculum Vitae

The default cv which will be used is mine. It is placed in: $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae/Resume/cv_10.tex. But you can define another name in the latex_curriculum_vitae.cfg. Just place the name in the cfg and place your cv in the mentioned path. It will compiled with xelatex. Also it runs biber for integrating the bibliography.

In the file $HOME/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.3/gems/latex_curriculum_vitae-$VERSION/lib/latex_curriculum_vitae/cv.rb you can find the method self.appendix(). There are codes like: CombinePDF.load('../Appendix/Employers_Reference/xcom.pdf'). There you can modify the code, that reflects your attachments.


The email class is placed there: $HOME/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.3/gems/latex_curriculum_vitae-$VERSION/lib/latex_curriculum_vitae/email.rb

The method Pony.mail uses the variables which was defined in the cfg file. The enable_starttls_auto is set to "true" by default.

The method self.introduction defines the introduction. If no contact sex is given, it uses the phrase "Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren". If "male" is defined, it uses "Sehr geehrter Herr" and otherwise "Sehr geehrte Frau".

If proactive is defined (used in method self.subject()) in the user interface it uses the word "Initiativbewerbung", otherwise just "Bewerbung".

The method self.get_body provides two possible bodies, depending if you use a motivational letter or not.


The application also provides to create a email by using Evolution PIM.


The method self.get_introduction() defines a introduction (like self.introduction().

The method self.get_subject_intro() prepares the subject and the intro for the motivational letter.

The method self.get_address_string() prepares the address field in the motivational letter.

The method self.get_target_block() changes the first sentence of the motivational letter. It depends on the target, which is defined in the graphical user interface.

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