Applies to latex_curriculum_vitae 2.1.1

2 Installation

The installation works in the console/terminal via:

gem install latex_curriculum_vitae
cd /path/to/gem (In case of using RVM ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.3/gems/latex_curriculum_vitae)
rake setup.

You need a installed pdflatex and xelatex for using this application.

The config file

The config file is currently inside your $HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae and is named latex_curriculum_vitae.cfg. It looks like:

name_of_pdf = "Bewerbungsunterlagen_Manns"
name_of_letter = "bwanschreiben"
name_of_cover = "Cover"
name_of_resume = "cv_10"
mail_backed = "Evolution"
own_name = "Sascha Manns"
own_email_address = ""
own_smtp = ""
own_username = "myusername"
own_password = "mypassword"

name_of_pdf is the name of your resulting pdf which will used for sending out. A "Application_Me" build a "Application_Me.pdf".

name_of_letter, name_of_cover and name_of_resume are the given names of your motivational letter Tex file, cover Tex file and your resume Tex file.

mail_backend defines which backed should be used. Possible Settings are "Pony" or "Evolution". Pony is a implemented solution for mailing out, but sometimes it has problems with large files. Evolution runs out of the box.

The own_* part will be used for the smtp mailer. It is just needed by using "Pony" as mail_backed.

Personal Data

For inserting some personal data in the LaTEX files, i have prepared a simple file. It is located there: $HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/personal_data.tex. It looks like:

\def\mystreet{Maifeldstraße 10}
\def\mycity{56727 Mayen}
\def\mybank{Kto. DE88\ 0000\ 0000\ 0000\ 0000\ 00 \\

The format is directly in TEX, so i can include it into the LaTEX source code. There you can define your own setting which will be used currently for the cover and the letter.


If you already have used a earlier 1.x version, you can upgrade it in the following steps:

  1. Copy the content of $HOME/.rvm/rubies/default/share/latex_curriculum_vitae to $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae.

  2. Copy inside of $HOME/.latex_curriculum_vitae the files job-applications.csv, latex_curriculum_vitae.cfg and personal_data.tex to the new place on: $HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae.

  3. Do the following changes:

    • $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae/Cover/Cover.tex: Change \input{$HOME/.latex_curriculum_vitae/personal_data.tex} to \input{$HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/personal_data.tex}.

    • $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae/Cover/Cover.tex: Change \input{$HOME/.latex_curriculum_vitae/entity.tex} to \input{$HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/entity.tex}

    • $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae/Motivational_letter/bwanschreiben.tex: Change \input{$HOME/.latex_curriculum_vitae/personal_data.tex} to \input{$HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/personal_data.tex}.

    • $HOME/.local/share/latex_curriculum_vitae/Motivational_letter/Cover.tex: Change \input{$HOME/.latex_curriculum_vitae/entity.tex} to \input{$HOME/.config/latex_curriculum_vitae/entity.tex}

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