Applies to latex_curriculum_vitae 2.1.1

4 Usage

How to use latex_curriculum_vitae

If you have provided your information in the config files, you can launch the graphical interface:

  1. Open your console/terminal and type: latexcv.rb

  2. Now opens the user interface:

  3. In the job title entry box, you have to place the title of your new job.

  4. The question about the proactive application reflects in your cover and motivational letter. If set to "yes" it uses the Keyword "Proactive" in the Subject.

  5. If motivational letter is set to "yes" a letter will be included. Otherwise not. If the application send via email, it is defined to use the motivational letter text inside the email body.

  6. In the next field you have to place the name of the company. If you would like to write XYZ Gmbh & Co. You have to escape the ampersand like so: XYZ GmbH \& Co.

    Now you have to place the street, where the company sits.

  7. Then comes the ZIP code (German PLZ) and the city. Like: 56727 Mayen.

  8. Now choose the contacts sex. If you use "male" it uses "Herr" otherwise "Frau".

  9. There just place the surname. It uses the contacts sex to create the Name. If you haven't a name, leave it blank. Then the program uses "Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren".

  10. Now place the email address. It will used for sending out the CV.

  11. Currently I have defined 3 kinds of targets. sudoku, support and kfm, Then it customize the motivational letter to it-documentation, it-support or jobs as merchant.

  12. The last field is for a URL. If you have a specific URL with the job-offer, you can place it there, and can return later.

  13. After clicking on Go! it builds the curriculum vitae with LaTEX. If this build is succeeded, the PDF will be shown by your preferred PDF-Viewer.

  14. After clicking on yes it sends out the application and adds the information to the CSV file.

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