Applies to publican_creators 1.2.2

3 The Configuration file

The config file gives you many options to customize it to your needs. First let me introduce my background.

I'm a technical writer who writes at work and private too. So i have two publican brands for business and private. On work, i have three classes of documents: a normal article, a report (it's a smaller version of an article but without a full legal notice. Using a smaller version as code template.) and a book. Privately I also have three sorts of documents: an article, an homework (distance learning school) and a book. For homework, I’m using also a third publican brand.

So i need to produce 6 sorts of documents in 2 environments (work and private) with 3 different brands. So i wrote this little program to simplify the process.

3.1 Global Settings

Table 3.1: Global Settings
Variable nameDefault valueExplaining
nameSasha MannsYour Name e.g. Ada Lovelace
email_privateSascha.Manns@outlook.deYour private email address
languagede-DEYour default language
db5trueUse DocBook5 as default? (true or false)
use_brandtrueUse your own brand? (true or false)
title_logofalseUse the title logo? (true or false)Publican uses the following to add a title logo: <orgname> <inlinemediaobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref="Common_Content/images/title_logo.svg" format="SVG"/> </imageobject> </inlinemediaobject> </orgname> If you have defined your own title logo in your brand, you can set this parameter to false.
legaltrueIf you have chosen Work/Article you can remove the legal notice there. (true or false)
xfc_brand_dir/opt/XMLmind/xfc-xcom-stylesheet/xsl/fo/docbook.xslIf you use XFC ( you can set there your default brand. This will be used in the script.
pdfview/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --bottle "PDF-XChange Viewer 2.x" --cx-app PDFXCview.exeThere you can set your preferred PDF-Viewer e.g. evince. This also will be used in the build script.

3.2 Work settings

Table 3.2: Work settings
Variable nameDefault valueExplaining
brandXCOMThis will set your companies brand. The name should be the same as installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content. So the default value is installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content/XCOM.
company_nameXCOM AGYour companies name
company_divisionSWE 7Your companies division e.g. Software Development
email_businessSascha.Manns@xcom.deYour business email address
brand_dir/usr/share/publican/Common_Content/XCOMThe path to your brand. Actually it is just used in combination with globalentities.
globalentitiesde-DE/entitiesxcom.entIf you have a entities file with some business related entities you can set it there. The full path is then brand_dir/globalentities
articles_dirDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-documentation/articles/Projekte/GSBUHA/DokumentationThe path where your articles will be saved.
reports_dirDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-documentation/articles/Projekte/GSBUHA/Dokumentation/ReportsThe path to your Reports or short Handouts.
books_dirDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-documentation/booksThe path to your books directory.

3.3 Private Settings

Table 3.3: Private Settings
Variable nameDefault vauleExplaining
brand_privatemannsThis will set your private brand. The name should be the same as installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content. So the default value is installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content/manns
brand_homeworkilsThis will set your homework brand. The name should be the same as installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content. So the default value is installed in /usr/share/publican/Common_Content/ils.
articles_dir_privDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-manns/articlesPath where your private articles will be created.
homework_dirDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-manns/articles/homeworkPath where your homeworks will be created.
books_dir_privDokumente/Textdokumente/publican-manns/booksPath where your books will be created.

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