Applies to publican_creators 1.2.2

5 Add a revision

PublicanCreators also ships a graphical revision adder. Just click PublicanCreatorsRevision from your Program Launcher.

Now you see a graphical interface (the look and feel depends on your chosen theme):

There you have three important tweaks:

  • Projectdir: Use that to move to your target directory (That directory where your projects publican.cfg is)

  • Commits: There you can place one to five revision texts. If you need more than 5 regularly so file a bug report. You can use a normal entry with blanks, or you can use underscores instead of blanks (Version: There you can use Umlauts.

  • Revision number: There you can place your revision number.


From Version PublicanCreators ships a new feature. The entered Revision number will be split internal. If you enter a number like “0.4.1-0” the program splits it into a revision number 0.4.1 and an edition number 0. So the product version tag in Article_Info.xml or Book_Info.xml will be replaced with the revision number, and the edition field will become the edition value.

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