Get your music from Youtube with youtube_dlhelper
Applies to youtube_dlhelper 3.0.1

2 youtube_dlhelper


youtube_dlhelper is a download helper for Youtube.


The installation works in the console/terminal via:

  1. gem install youtube_dlhelper

  2. cd /path/to/gem (In case of using RVM ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-VERSION/gems/youtube_dlhelper)

  3. rake setup


If you have used an earlier version (< 3.0.0) of youtube_dlhelper please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Console/Terminal and type:

  2. cd ~

  3. mkdir -p .config/youtube_dlhelper

  4. mv .youtube_dlhelper/youtube_dlhelper.conf .config/youtube_dlhelper/

  5. rm -rf .youtube_dlhelper

The Config file

The config file is located in /home/YOU/.config/youtube_dlhelper/youtube_dlhelper.conf. It looks like:

musicdir = 'Musik'
ogg_file_accept = true

You have to set the name of your musicdir. In my case it is "Musik" and it is available in /home/sascha/Musik. In your case it can be /home/YOU/Music. If you set ogg_file_accept to true, the program just downloads the audio file and exits. Otherwise the program tries to convert all to "MP3".


After the installation you can just type youtube_dlhelper YoutubeURL. Example: youtube_dlhelper


If a https:// URl doesn't works, try http://

After typing the program asks you if you adding a Interpret or a Group. If you choose Interpret it asks you for the firstname and the surname. So it creates a directory in $MUSICDIR/surname_firstname/Youtube-Music. If you choose Group, it uses the Groupname for creating the directory ($MUSICDIR/groupname/Youtube-Music.

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